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Creating housing solutions both locally and globally.
What our clients are saying:
"I appreciated the friendliness, speed, and understanding Christie showed and how much she went out of her way for me; as well as the church connection. She also showed a care for me as a whole person and has continued to reach out to me."
"Les agradecemos mucho y que Dios los bendiga para que a si como los pudieron apoyar a nosotros puedan ayudar a otras Familias que tengan un feliz día. 

Translated: We thank you very much and may God bless you so that, as you were able to support us, you can help other families have a happy day."
"Thanks so much for your assistance and if it weren't for your help I would have been faced with eviction or homelessness. Glocal was a huge help with the application process which can be overwhelming. So thank you Glocal for your time and caring."
"If I didn't have what I have right now with the help of Glocal, I would probably be on the streets not being able to do my kidney treatments."
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