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To provide exceptional affordable housing and a supportive community. 


To create local transformation with a global impact. 


Serving those who experience financial hardship with our affordable housing and community support solutions to pave the way for financial, relational, and overall well being.

Unwavering Integrity

We are privileged to know you and hear your story. No assumptions will be made and your private information will be kept confidential. 

Authentic Community

 Lasting, trustworthy relationships don't happen overnight. It takes time, energy and a willingness to help others to create the kind of community we hope for. We want you to form the kind of relationships you never knew you needed.

Unyielding Pursuit of Justice

Seeking truth and fighting for what is right every single day. 


 Glocal is a faith based 501(c)(3) organization. We exist as an engine of hope to cultivate community based housing solutions both locally and globally. In 2022, Founder, Christie Whittington, established Glocal as a reality in Gallatin County. Glocal strives to offer quality affordable housing, honors the dignity of each individual, and fosters community through mutual service and supportive relationships. Glocal honors each member of our community through our commitment to integrity, equity, diversity, and justice.

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