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What is the Yellow Project? The Yellow Project is our emergency rental assistance program that is currently open to Gallatin County Residents. 


How do I know if I am eligible to apply for the Yellow Project? 

We ask that you:

  • Are currently renting or have signed a lease to a rental unit

  • Are living in Gallatin County or moving to Gallatin County for work

  • Are willing to participate in the Supportive Community Initiative

  • Take a budget course if applicable

  • Participate in a background check

  • Show proof of income

  • Attach the past 2 months of bank statements for all bank accounts

Why is the Yellow Project not income based? While income does play a factor, our application is geared to get a more holistic view of your situation. 

If I qualify for the Yellow Project, will I receive a check? No, we only write checks to the landlord or property management office. We cannot give cash or checks to our clients. 

Can you help me get into an apartment/rental? We are currently unable to provide assistance in locating a rental unit. We are able to assist in rent deposits and monthly payments after a lease has been signed.

Do you have housing available for rent? While we do not currently have housing available, it is our goal to secure housing so we are able to further assist. For now, we have the Yellow Project, our emergency rental assistance program. 

Do you assist in pet deposits? At this time, we do not assist in pet deposits. 


Do you assist in mortgage down payments? At this time, we  do not assist in mortgage payments. 

What if I have bankruptcy on my record? Bankruptcy will not necessarily disqualify you, and we will make that determination when we review your entire application as there are many other factors we consider. 

What if I have history of drug use? A history of drug use will not necessarily disqualify you. However, you will be required to take part in random drug testing if assistance is given.

What is your Supportive Community Initiative? This is a way to involve our clients in finding creative ways to serve others. Glocal values cultivating relationships by sharing skills, passions, and knowledge with others who are part of our community. Glocal asks all clients to take part in this initiatve every month they are part of a Glocal housing program. In action, this may look like giving a neighbor a ride to work, quilting blankets for those in need, or hosting a free cooking class. Glocal will provide the financial means for our clients to serve others and simultaneously put their skills and talents to action. As the Initiative grows, we will open it to the entire community. Our goal is to simply serve others and in doing so, create authentic relationships.

Is it mandatory to take part in the SCI if I receive assistance? For all who receive rental or housing assistance, yes. This is a very flexible program, and is not at all meant to burden you. We will have creative ways for you to take part in it, though it is mandatory. 

What is the Lighthouse Program? This is a financial assistance program for counseling/therapy. This will be open to all Glocal clientele taking part in a housing program, as well as nonprofit workers in Gallatin County. 

Has The Lighthouse Program started? While we have opened this program to a few individuals, funding is currently limited so we do not yet have an application online. However, if you are currently a Glocal client or work for a nonprofit in Gallatin County, and are seeking assistance, please reach out to us at

Do you have a question that hasn't been answered? Email us at

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